Settling in the land of opportunity

Our immigration practitioners help make this dream a reality.

What Dina Beshry likes best about being an immigration practitioner is helping people embark on a better future. In her job, the Bow Valley College graduate helps people immigrate to Canada. “Their happiness makes me very satisfied,” says Dina, who took the Immigration Practitioner Continuing Education Certificate

Before starting the certificate, Dina volunteered at an immigration firm, and eventually got a job there. She loved the work. “I really found myself in this job,” says Dina. 

She also found that as an immigrant from Egypt who speaks Arabic, she could relate to the people she was helping – she understood their culture and spoke their language.  But she wanted her responsibilities to go beyond filling out paperwork. She wanted to become a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant and to start her own business. Dina enrolled in the certificate in September 2015. 

She excelled in the program. “Dina was one of our top students in a very competitive class of high achievers. Her work ethic and passion were evident throughout the program,” says Christine Burke, business development officer for the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. 

Dina says it was because she knew the College would hold her to a high standard that she chose us. “[Bow Valley College] has a very high expectation of you during the course. This high expectation makes you work harder, and will make you a really good immigration consultant.”

On that note, learners in the certificate must pass the Full Skills Exam to become a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. To date, 100 per cent of our graduates have passed on the first attempt. 

Dina also liked that when she graduated, her classmates from the program became her network in the industry. Over a year after finishing the program, the group still gets together once a month. 

Since completing the program, Dina has started her own immigration consultancy firm, as she had aspired to do. She wanted the flexibility to travel and the ability to apply her own values to her job. Plus, she knows she can rely on the occasional consultation from one of her instructors from the College. Rekha McNutt from the Centre/School is always happy to give Dina a second opinion on complex cases.  

Would you like to hear Dina speak about her experience in the certificate and on the job? Join us at our Immigration Practitioner Certificate Information Evening. Register for this April event.  

Is your story waiting to be told? If you’re a learner with an interesting story, we may want to tell it on bowvalleycollege.ca. Email us at newsroom@bowvalleycollege.ca.

Posted on March 5, 2018 

Story by Julie-Anne Cleyn, photo by Maximillian Krewiak

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