Christie Pettipas


Cultivating a love of learning

How Christie Pettipas is supporting tomorrow’s leaders in Alberta’s first post-diploma program.

As an instructor in the Health and Human Services Management Post-Diploma Certificate at Bow Valley College, something Christie Pettipas enjoys most about her job is getting to know learners who have such diverse backgrounds. “The conversations in class are so interesting,” she says. “I remember one student was telling me about his first day in India as a nurse. A guy came in who had had his pelvis crushed because he was stepped on by an elephant. That's not a story you would hear often!”

The Health and Human Services Management Post-Diploma Certificate is the first of its kind in Alberta. The program is designed for learners with a degree, diploma, or equivalent experience and education in the health and human services sector. It has attracted a variety of professionals, including nurses, pharmacists, and social workers, looking to obtain management skills to advance their career.

Christie has a passion for learning that she hopes to impart on the students in her class. She initially set out to pursue a career in social work. She soon realized that she could best serve her community by working with the various systems that impact people’s lives. This led her to complete a Master of Public Administration with a specialty in public policy.  She went on to work in both the non-profit and health sectors.

Most recently, Christie has completed a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership. She achieved this while working full-time at the College, an accomplishment that she believes has given her insight into the lives of many of our students. As a result, Christie strives to support learners to attain their academic goals while balancing other responsibilities.

Many learners in the program are international students. One of Christie’s goals as an instructor is to expose these students to the health and human service sector in Canada. Through discussions, guest speakers, and community outings, Christie believes that learners benefit from understanding the Canadian context and are better equipped to support their community, whether that be in Canada or their home countries.

What does Christie love most about teaching in the Health and Human Services Management program? Supporting the development of future leaders who will care for some of our most vulnerable populations.

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Posted on July 30, 2018

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