Taking a risk for a fresh start

Trinh Tran never imagined a career in Insurance and Risk Management and she loves it!

“I enjoy learning and I appreciate that the College has changed this for me,” says Trinh. “I didn’t have high hopes for my future and I felt that I was a burden to my family.” With poor academic grades, Trinh Tran was constantly at the bottom of her class list in her Vietnam high school. Coming to Bow Valley College has helped her regain her academic confidence and a career she never imagined.

Trinh graduated in 2013 with a Business Administration Diploma, Risk Management Major (now renamed to the Insurance and Risk Management Major) after completing the International ELL program at the College. A lack of self-confidence and the culture barrier were difficult for her to overcome. “In Vietnam, you listen and don’t talk in class or to the teacher,” stated Trinh. “At Bow Valley College, the instructors were interactive during class and this was completely different for me.” Trinh utilized the College resources, including the instructors, and she achieved top marks in the program. “They helped me get where I am today.”

With her new found confidence, choosing this major was another bold move as her family encouraged her to take Accounting. Trinh has been working for five years with the Calgary Board of Education. Her current role as a Risk Analyst oversees 250 schools with more than 122,000 students and 16,000 staff members. She is also an active member on the College’s Advisory Board Committee for this major and chair of the Education Committee on the Southern Alberta Insurance and Risk Management Society. “I am continuing my studies as well with an online MBA through Heriot Watt University that will provide me with further opportunities in my career,” says Trinh.

Designations for insurance professionals also provide a national standard for professionalism and technical expertise. Trinh completed the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) Certification after graduation and she is pleased that this designation and the the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation are now integrated into the Insurance and Risk Management Major. Students write the CRM exams as part of the program, as well, students write 7 of the 10 Insurance Institute of Canada final examinations that count towards the CIP designation. “This is a great profession, and students graduating from this program will have exciting career opportunities,” says Trinh.

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