Craig Elias


Our entrepreneur-in-residence tops LinkedIn list

Craig Elias is 15th among sales experts.

LinkedIn recently named Bow Valley College’s Craig Elias one of its top 50 business-to-business sales experts. Craig, our entrepreneur-in-residence, was number 15 on the list published on LinkedIn’s Sales Blog on January 1. 

Craig has been a top sales performer at every company that’s hired him. Forbes magazine has also named him one of the most social sales people on the planet.

How has Craig, best known for his daily orange shirt uniform, maximized his talents at the College? By coaching a number of learners on growing a business through VentureQuest, the business idea competition he co-developed for the Chiu School of Business. His mentees have included Sara Barreto, last year’s VentureQuest winner, who opened Waffle Pops at the Market on Macleod this past October

When asked why he chooses to work at the College, Craig says “Life is a combination of two things. One, about making a living, and one, about making a difference. This is one of the ways that I can make a difference.” 

Luke Sikora, who won third at VentureQuest last year, adds that Craig gets people very excited about entrepreneurship, even those who aren’t the most confident.  

This year’s VentureQuest final gala is on Thursday, February 8. Follow our updates on Twitter to see how Craig is influencing our learners this year. 

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