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Work/life balance

Bow Valley College values work/life balance and offers above average vacation entitlements, commensurate with your position and years of service at the College. In addition, we have 13 statutory holidays per year and are closed from Christmas to New Years, which means that you will be on leave during this time - with pay! 


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Professional development workshop

Professional development

We value lifelong learning and we live this out every day by offering our employees opportunities to take courses at the College free of charge, as long as they are relevant to their job. For those non-related, you may enroll if there is room in the course. There will be a taxable benefit, resulting in a minimum adjustment on your annual T4. We also provide workshops, conferences, and other professional development opportunities.

Excellent medical and dental coverage

Right from your first day of employment. Our coverage is flexible, allowing you to coordinate with your partner/spouse. Need just a little coverage? Select “Opt-down” and receive a reduced coverage plus cash back on your pay cheque. Want maximum benefits? Select the “Opt-up” coverage. If you don’t need benefits at all, we’ll pay you a portion of the premiums we would have paid on your behalf, in lieu of benefits.

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Pension plan

Permanent employees become part of the Public Service Pension Plan, which means that you contribute a portion of your paycheck and the College matches it. What a great way to save for your retirement. In addition, PSPP has transferability agreements with other public pension plans, so if you are currently contributing to another fund, you may be able to transfer your service and pension.

Health spending account

We provide a Health Spending Account to cover those extra costs that everyone seems to incur. This can be used for anything that would normally be covered under medical and dental insurance. It can be used to cover the costs of extra glasses, contacts, or paramedical practitioners such as chiropractors and physiotherapists. It can also be used to reimburse you for the premiums you pay for the extended health and dental plans.

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Insurance coverage

As a Bow Valley College employee, you qualify for reduced rates on your home and auto insurance with RBC Insurance. This comes with a 60-day guarantee and could apply to your spouse and children as well. You could also be eligible for additional discounts.

New fitness facility

Available to all Bow Valley College staff for $10.00 per month. 

Anytime Fitness

Bow Valley College and Anytime Fitness have partnered to provide a reduced gym membership rate. For $49 per month on a one-year contract with no enrollment fees, all employees have access its two Calgary locations and one in Airdrie. 
718 - 8th Avenue SW, Calgary  •  1222 - 1st Street SW, Calgary  •  122 - 85 Railway Ave, Airdrie

Collective Agreements:

AUPE Collective Agreement July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2024

BVCFA Collective Agreement July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2024


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