Congratulations on your enrollment in the Legal Assistant Diploma program!

Part of your program includes a mandatory field placement of 150 to 180 hours (approximately 4 weeks): LEGL2998 – Field Placement for Legal Assistant. Field placement is full time and is completed in the semester after your course work is finished.

Field Placement Eligibility Criteria and Pre-requisites

A full-time, 150 – 180 hours (approximately 4 week), unpaid opportunity for students in their field of study. Field Placements provide students with intensive, hands-on, practical experience in a setting relevant to their subject of study.

  • Students are expected to demonstrate competencies and master required tasks throughout the placement
  • Hosts/employers will provide ongoing feedback, as well as formal written feedback in the form of a mid-term visit and a final evaluation report
  • Placements should start with an orientation and observation phase and gradually allow students to increase their responsibilities as the placement progresses
  • Mid-term point – check in meeting with Field Placement Instructor, host/employer, and student
  • End of placement – final evaluation completed by host/employer and submitted to Field Placement Instructor 

There are several criteria which students must meet prior to beginning a Field Placement which include:


Meeting academic pre-requisites:

  • Complete at least 60 credits from the required Legal Assistant Diploma program with a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0.
  • Complete a series of Work Integrated Learning preparation modules
  • Earn a minimum passing grade of B- in each of the following courses:
    • ADMN1102 - Advanced Professional Keyboarding (3) 
    • MGMT1201 -Business Communication (3)
    • LEGL1402 - Legal Document Processing II (3)
    • LEGL2999 - Legal Assistant Capstone
Meeting submission deadlines: 

  • Submission of required field placement forms by deadlines
  • Submission of program specific field placement requirements
  • Some WIL hosts/employers may require a Police Information Check and/or other documentation specific to their organization
Modelling professional behaviour:

  • You are a “learner in good standing” with Bow Valley College, per the Academic Continuance and Graduation Policy (Policy #500-1-5)
  • Your Program Chairs and instructors may comment on your professional behaviour and conduct while in your academic program, as it applies to a recommendation for field placement

The Chiu School of Business & Career and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Services verify your eligibility status related to each criterion stated above at each step in the process

  • Your grades and GPA are reviewed to ensure you have met the academic eligibility requirements. If you have not met the requirements, it may be possible to defer your placement for another semester.  You will be directed to discuss your program options with your Program Chair and will be directed to other resources/supports as needed

  • If a field placement is secured:
    • You are informed and registered in the field placement course (LEGL2998). You will be required to pay the registration fee for this course at the time of registration.  You do not graduate until your field placement has concluded

  • If a field placement is not secured:
    • For a variety of reasons, it is possible that a placement does not get secured at the end of your program.  If a placement is not secured, you will be advised to meet with your placement lead and program chair to discuss all options

  • If you are an international student, you will be required to verify that your study and co-op work permit are valid until the end of your placement. If you have visa or immigration related questions, email

  • Students with disabilities may access accommodations for field placements to remove or lessen disability-related barriers in the workplace.  Career and WIL Services will email information about how to start the process of requesting accommodations during field placement to students requesting this type of support.

For further information about the field placement process, contact 

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