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Bow Valley College Facts and Stats
View our Fast Facts page to learn about the history of Bow Valley College, find Executive biographies, read performance statistics, and more. 

Free parking is available for media by calling 403-888-6946 or emailing You will be provided with a parking pass before your departure. If you are covering a story at any of our regional campuses, please let us know your time, deadline, and destination and we will provide you with information for parking and access. Information about our Regional Campuses

Need and Expert?
Bow Valley College is filled with a variety of Subject Matter Experts who can provide relevant information and insight for your next story. View our areas of expertise.

Guest Wi-Fi
For guests and reporters visiting Bow Valley College for a news conference, event or interview, you can access the College’s free WiFi services. A password will be provided upon your arrival by our department. Please call 403-888-6946 for more information.

Images, Logos, and Videos

If you require images or b-roll to complement your news story, let us know. We are also able to forward copyrighted footage/photos for publishing per request if you are unable to attend any campus events. Please call 403-888-6946 to place your request or email

Media Relations

Shannon van Leenen 
Media Relations Officer 
Bow Valley College
403-410-3455 Office
403-671-3274 Mobile

General Number
Main: 403-410-1400
Contact Directory

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