Bow Valley College students share in Baisakhi celebrations

The students organized activities related to the harvest festival.

Baisakhi is a harvest festival celebrated in Punjab, a northern state in India. The festival holds religious and historical significance amongst the Sikh community. Baisakhi marks the beginning of a new year following the Solar New Year. It is also the start of the harvest season. The celebrations typically include traditional music, dance, and communal feasts.

This year, Baisakhi was on April 13 and was celebrated by our College community on April 10. A group of our Sikh students approached the Intercultural Centre with the request to share their celebrations with the College. A student in the Health and Human Services Management Post 

Diploma program, Navjot Singh, organized fellow students to facilitate activities for the Baisakhi celebrations.

Outside the Intercultural Centre, there were activity stations to try rangoli, turban tying, and henna. The students also performed traditional dances to share their culture and celebrate Baisakhi with our College community. We received over 200 individuals for the event, creating a lively environment for our Baisakhi celebrations.

There is deep cultural significance for Sikhs as Baisakhi was the day in 1699 when Khalsa Panth was formally established. 

Khalsa directly translates to “King’s own land” or “pure” and Khalsa Panth references the worldwide community of Sikhs. We thank our students for organizing an event that brought our community together to celebrate Baisakhi!

To learn more about Baisakhi, the team the Intercultural Centre has shared the following resources:


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