Indigenous Student Supports


Bow Valley College offers significant supports to Indigenous Students

As a College committed to Truth and Reconciliation and meeting our students where they’re at, Bow Valley College knows the importance of ensuring that our Indigenous students feel welcome and supported on campus with culturally relevant spaces, programing and supports available at all stages of their educational journey. Over 500 Indigenous students attend Bow Valley College in a variety of schools and programs and we remain committed to making education accessible and attainable to them and to all of our students.

The Iniikokaan Centre is a great starting place for our Indigenous students on campus; it’s a place to find information, attend programs, and feel supported by peers and elders. It also ensures that our Indigenous students have the information to ensure that they are able to access the financial supports they need to stay in school, focus on their studies and continue on to the next step of their journey.


Bow Valley College and our donor community continue to provide support for our Indigenous students through scholarships, awards and bursaries. Thanks to the support of community donors and the Government of Alberta, this past year over 97 Indigenous students have benefitted from awards and bursaries specifically tailored to Indigenous students, totaling tens of thousands in support for these students to ensure they have all the tools necessary to access a life-changing education. 


One such bursary is the Dr. Chirag Shah Indigenous Students Financial Needs Bursary. former member of the College’s Board of Governors and long-time supporter of the College and our students, Dr. Shah’s latest bursary will support four students each year starting this winter with $500 bursaries to assist them with emergency financial needs that may arise while attending school.

Thanks to donor funding we know our students go on to become graduates who make an impact in their communities and on the future of our province. Practical Nurse student and a proud Metis woman Alicia Mills says of receiving her student award: I am so thankful to have this support, which will allow me to continue my academic journey with less financial burden. Though I have had personal struggles, school has been a welcome challenge that will allow me to open doors and better my life. The donor assistance will allow me to finish up this term and find a new position while providing for my family.

To learn more about how you can get involved and support Indigenous students visit Give to Bow Valley College or email

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