How one Bow Valley College grad is paying it forward after graduation


How one Bow Valley College grad is paying it forward after graduation

Sarah Manangan hopes current students feel as supported as she did at Bow Valley College

During her time at Bow Valley College, International student Sarah Manangan saw how support –financially from a scholarship and her community of educators and peers – positively impacted her road to success. Now she’s looking forward to her chance to give back.

In 2022, Sarah received the $2000 Bow Valley College Continuing Education Student Entrance Scholarship. She’s grateful to the donor who funded the award, as she says it boosted her self-esteem and helped her realize others were rooting for her.

“The award meant a lot to me at that time. I felt if somebody believes in me, it’s all going to be worth it,” she says. “It was very generous of them [the donor] to think about students like me who are looking for encouragement as they pursue their education.”

Now Sara is looking forward to her chance to pay forward to the College community the same generosity she received. She had pledged a gift of $500 per year for three years in hopes that other students feel the same encouragement and support she did during her time as a student.

“I want to help the bigger community. Giving back is something I believe does make an impact,” she says.

As a medical billing officer in the Philippines with a nursing background, Sarah met a representative from the College at a conference who suggested she consider the Health and Human Services Management Post-Diploma Program. It would align with her educational background and career goals and allow her to use her current skill set while also building on that experience if she wanted to work in management in the future. She already had family in Calgary, and the 18-minute commute from where they lived to the College, made it even more appealing.

Sarah completed the Health and Human Services program in 2022 and graduated from the Hospital Unit Clerk Certificate program this past January 2023. As a student, she was determined to maximize her experience at the College and she received the LEAD Academy certificate for leadership development. Sarah appreciated that she could make her class schedule compatible with volunteering opportunities, such as with Meals on Wheels, ICANN, and as a public speaker with the Intercultural Centre.

To those considering Bow Valley College for their education, Sarah says, “It’s the best idea they will ever choose to continue their education; the support groups, the inclusivity, the diversity, as well as all the training and workshops they offer – it’s a great way to maximize your time at Bow Valley College and everything it has to offer.”

Sarah currently works as a unit clerk for the Brenda Stafford Foundation, who were impressed by her involvement in the College and her efforts to make it and the surrounding community a better place. Sarah is grateful for continued support from the College post-graduation and for the efforts made to show students, both past and present, that they care about their success.

Donors Make a Difference

Sarah, and thousands of Bow Valley College graduates who have received financial assistance from scholarships and awards, understand the impact donors make on a student’s success. Accessible education is a building block to community and engaged citizens, as Sarah’s story demonstrates.

If you are able to help other students realize their dreams, we hope you will consider investing in their future. Give to Bow Valley College.

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