BVC alumna and social media ambassador captures the essence of student life online

Eartha Daliuag shares how she provided a view into the BVC student experience on the College’s social networks during her academic journey.

Eartha Daliuag, a proud graduate of the Supply Chain Management diploma program at Bow Valley College, wasted no time in immersing herself in Bow Valley College’s community. Originally from the Philippines, Eartha began her program in the fall of 2021 and quickly found her way to participate in campus activities and volunteer opportunities, including sharing her Bow Valley College experience as a student social media ambassador.

"Becoming a student ambassador has been a transformative experience for me." She goes on to express her gratitude for the faculty and staff's unwavering support, stating, "With their encouragement, I had the opportunity to capture the essence of student life at the college, consistently delivering engaging content."

During her time as an ambassador, Eartha documented events such as New Student Orientation, where she shared tips and tricks for academic success, interviewed new students about their start at the College, and featured various student services available. For dates of recognition, like Earth Month, she worked closely with her peers and the College’s Sustainability Coordinator, Amy Spark, to help students pick up new green practices like composting and energy conservation. She even supported her peers during the all-important reading weeks where she shared her best study tips.

“It was wonderful working with Eartha,” says Kelty Christensen, the College’s Student Services Engagement and Events Advisor. “She consistently went above and beyond when it came to creative, student engaging posts.  She was brilliant at getting her peers engaged in her content and motivated to come up with fresh and fun ideas.  It was obvious that she has passion for what she does, and her authenticity was imbedded into all her work.”

When asked about her inspiration to become a student ambassador, Eartha explains, "I noticed that many students weren't fully maximizing the resources available to them simply because they were unaware of them. I wanted to spread awareness and showcase the exceptional services and facilities we have on campus to the world."

She shares, "I believe in giving back to the community, and these volunteering opportunities allowed me to make a positive impact while developing valuable skills."

Reflecting on the most rewarding part of being a student ambassador and producing content for the College, Eartha shares, "Creating and sharing content on the College's social media accounts has been incredibly fulfilling. The surge in interest and engagement from both the campus and online communities was truly exciting." She adds, "Collaborating with various departments and fellow students to share their experiences within the BVC community has been equally rewarding. The enthusiasm displayed by everyone I had the opportunity to collaborate with only fueled my desire to share their stories even further."

For students aspiring to become student ambassadors, Eartha offers valuable advice, "Fearlessly voice your ideas and showcase your talents. Believe in your capabilities and take the leap! Regardless of the outcome, you can proudly say that you gave it your all."

Looking ahead to life after graduating from Bow Valley College, Eartha eagerly anticipates applying her acquired knowledge and skills in the supply chain industry. "My goal is to make a meaningful impact within the field and contribute to the community." To that end, Eartha intends to continue sharing her experience as an international student at Bow Valley College on her personal social media platforms, saying, "I want to provide assistance and guidance to individuals who are interested in pursuing their studies in Canada. By sharing my journey and insights, I can help others navigate the process and make informed decisions about their educational pursuits."

Do you want to be a Social Media Ambassador at the College? Log in to Career Hub and check out the current posting here.

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