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Three Ways Bow Valley College facilitates a sustainable community

Sustainability is a big deal at Bow Valley College. With our #BVCSustainability movement, the College aims to reduce our ecological footprint and reach several sustainability goals. This includes everything from facilitating access to and encouraging sustainable transportation, minimizing waste production, promoting sustainable consumption, and much more. Since the College places a focus on sustainability, we also provide resources to facilitate our sustainability goals and promote green living within our community. We’re exploring the different resources Bow Valley College provides to inspire a greener campus and community. 




The College’s downtown Calgary campus is always buzzing with activity. So, finding reliable and sustainable ways to get to and from campus is key. Luckily, our campus is located right by the CTrain’s City Hall station, making this a great option for staff and students to use for their daily commute. To make this option more affordable for BVC students, we encourage taking advantage of the College and SABVC’s joint UPass program, which allows full-time students to purchase an optional transit pass that gives them unlimited access to all Calgary Transit services at a reduced cost.


For those who choose to use personal means of transportation to get to campus, we’ve got you covered as well. The College provides two electric vehicle chargers in the South Campus parkade that offer free charging while parked. We also provide secure bike cages and storage for staff and students who cycle to campus.


Waste Reduction

To reduce waste and encourage proper garbage disposal, the College provides composting and recycling bins around campus for students and staff to access. In addition to this, The College recycles shredded paper, electronics, batteries, pens, gloves, and masks from our nursing labs. Thanks to these efforts, we can recycle or compost 85% of the waste the College community generates.


The College also prioritizes upcycling to reduce waste. Last year we upcycled old, branded banners into new swag products. We have three preferred swag vendors which emphasize sustainable purchasing.



Sustainable consumption is an essential part of green living. As a result, Bow Valley College gives staff and students access to food vendors who source produce and food items in an ethical and ecological manner. The Fresh Routes mobile market offers fresh and affordable food to people on campus, students can access tons of vegetarian food option at The Market, and Fairtrade Certified coffee and tea are available in staff kitchens

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