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Bow Valley College instructor receives Canada Green Building Council Inspired Educator Award

Bow Valley College is fortunate to have many talented and passionate instructors who share their expertise with our students. One such instructor is Nancy Bosscha, who recently received the Canada Green Building Council Inspired Educator Award. As an interior decorating instructor who has been teaching at the College since 2004, Nancy brought her background in architectural technology and industrial design to the College and developed a novel sustainable interior design course that teaches students about the human connection to the materials and products used in the built industry, and their effects on the environment.

She also teaches the sustainability course in the Kitchen and Bath Post-Diploma program where students learn about the circular economy, alternative energy, and embodied versus operational carbon usage, among other topics. Alongside these accomplishments, Nancy helped establish the College's sustainability committee.

As a result of her efforts to promote sustainability within the College community, Nancy was nominated by Bow Valley College Sustainability Coordinator, Amy Spark, for the award which recognizes the positive contributions individuals have made to Canada’s green building sector.

“I was honoured that Amy thought that I deserved this.” Nancy said. “I love teaching, and for someone to recognize my efforts and think I’m doing a good job – it’s a great feeling. It also feels good to be recognized by my peers in the industry. This is a national award, so it’s a pretty big deal for me.”

Nancy also spoke to the significance of the CaBGC Inspired Educator in her career and the work she is currently involved in. “The biggest part of this experience was going to the conference in Toronto and hearing the conversations and the presentations that were going on. These reinforced some of the things I am already doing at the College,” she said. “I am on the right track in terms of what my students need to know.”

Bow Valley College congratulates Nancy on her Inspired Educator award and recognizes her efforts in providing our students with an industry-leading curriculum.

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