Bow Valley College faculty member wins provincial nursing educator award

Leslie Hirsch is a faculty member in the School of Health and Wellness.

When a student describes an instructor as going down as "the best teacher I have ever had" that certainly deserves some recognition. Leslie Hirsch, a Practical Nurse faculty member at Bow Valley College since December 2020, is one such instructor. She is being recognized through an award from the Alberta Nursing Education Administrators (ANEA).

Leslie has been recognized with the Award for Leadership in Nursing Education - LPN Educator, which honours nursing educators and preceptors who demonstrate leadership in undergraduate and graduate nursing education.

"In her time at the College, Leslie has demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to our nursing students' education," says Janet Yorke, Interim Dean, School of Health and Community Studies. "She has enhanced the development of nursing students through creative teaching strategies, and she provides an engaging learning environment."

Leslie’s colleagues and many of her students have expressed how she brings a uniquely creative approach to presenting the most challenging content in a fun and accessible way. For instance, she is well known in the Practical Nurse program for her original raps that help students memorize complex medication pathways.

Leslie's contribution to improving the educational experience was recognized by her colleagues and many of her students, who supported her nomination through letters of support. Her colleagues describe her as a dedicated educator, a knowledgeable nurse, and an extremely caring individual. Students repeatedly marked her as their favorite nursing instructor at the College.

"We are so proud Leslie's innovative approach to teaching and her commitment to the success of our learners," says Yorke.

The College congratulates her on this distinguished and well-deserved award. 

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