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Bow Valley College retirees continue their commitment to students

Bow Valley College supporters aren’t just current students and staff, but our retirees are still committed to the cause too.

Fran Murphy and Susan Jolliffe worked for Bow Valley College as instructors teaching Academic Prep. When they retired in 2010, they continued their commitment to the students they taught. Starting that same year, Fran and Susan funded the Fran and Susan Award for Academic Prep, giving financial assistance to two students per year in Academic Preparation to help students continue their education and change their lives.

After years working on the awards committee and seeing firsthand how awards help reduce barriers to education, it was a natural fit to decide to support awards in retirement,” says Fran. “Knowing our students’ financial hardships and their genuine appreciation of any award motivates me to continue giving.”

Susan shares, “I wanted to keep a connection to the college after I retired. I know how much it means for these students to get praise and rewarded for their efforts. For many students, it was the first time they got honoured for their academic work.”

Like Susan and Fran, many Bow Valley College employees share this commitment. They want to support student success and meet our students where they are at. “I had so much admiration for the students coming back to school as adults and working to change their lives,” says Susan. “The lessons I learned from our students were so interesting. I enjoyed celebrating their successes, and I’m happy to continue to support them in my retirement.”

Susan and Fran hope to inspire students and promote the importance of education. “I am passionate about education and that it is the only way to get the world in a better situation.  Education can change everything,” shares Susan.

Fran shares this perspective. “I believe in the power of education. It changes lives! I am passionate about removing barriers to education for adult learners who are trying desperately to improve their families’ lives.”

“Thank you for establishing this award. It will really help out while attending school this winter,” says Ian, a student in the College’s academic upgrading program. “This is my last semester, and my plan is to get my master’s in social work. Thank you again for this award.”

Like Fran and Susan, your gifts on Giving Day can make a real impact and will help ensure that students like Ian have access to the funds they need to complete their studies. In 2020/21, more than 655 students received more than $990,000 in student awards and bursaries made possible by everyday donors. Join the movement and help us inspire our students to reach higher and continue their studies. Make your gift today


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