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Bow Valley College helps inspire student giving

Nusrat Awan gives back to her peers .


Bow Valley College's inaugural Giving Day on November 30, 2021, aims to support student success – by continuing to ensure access to quality education is available and attainable for our students, no matter their background. Students like Nusrat Awan, Early Childhood Education and Development student and student representative on our Board of Governors, feel this need for support, and the benefits of a Bow Valley College education firsthand. 

Nusrat is an immigrant to Canada and started her educational journey at Bow Valley College. "I chose Bow Valley College because of its diversity and accessibility," Nusrat says. "You welcome students from all over the world, regardless of your race, religion, cultural background, or sexual orientation. Students know when they attend Bow Valley College that they will be helped regardless of stigma. Any institution can offer exceptional programs, but only Bow Valley College can truly open doors and open minds."

Nusrat's experience as a student, a mother, and a new Canadian has motivated her to give back to her community and to change her path as a student. "When I first came to Canada, I was motivated to choose Justice Studies and learn more. As I went through my program, and as a mother of three young boys, I changed course," Nusrat notes of her decision to study Early Childhood Development. "My dream is to open an affordable childcare centre where I can offer culturally sensitive and relevant childcare to families in need." 'Nusrat says her education at Bow Valley College has prepared her to realize this dream, and when she graduates, she'll have the tools she needs to get to work.

Nusrat has been motivated to give back her time and money and is a student representative on the College's Board of Governors. She has also recently been motivated to start an award to help support students in need, like her peers, with funding to ensure that financial access is never a barrier to completing an education. "Bow Valley College isn't just an educational institution. They offer so much support, from financial to emotional, to all students. I know if I need help, I can reach out, and someone will be there to answer the call," Nusrat notes about the help available to Bow Valley College students, all made possible by the generous support of donors.

"I have seen firsthand the generous support of faculty and staff at Bow Valley College the last two years," says Nusrat. "The ways they've helped me has motivated me to give back to my own community. It doesn't matter if you can give $10 or $10,000. What matters is your passion to give and the support you offer. That is priceless."

If you would like to become a donor like Nusrat, and support students like her too, please join the movement to help inspire student success and give to our first-ever Giving Day. Each gift up to $50 will be matched (up to $20,000), doubling your impact and allowing us to help more students like Nusrat reach their dreams and build a better community.


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