Why Do You Give? Profiling Choices Donors!

Your gifts make a difference! From supporting the Bert Foster Campaign, to consistent monthly giving, our staff and Choices donors make a real impact on learner success. We are so thankful for the commitment of our donors to the Choices program and wanted to feature some of your fellow Bow Valley College staff members and their reasons for giving. Thank you for your ongoing support of our students. You make a difference!

Our Choices donors shared with us that the motivations for their gifts come from often firsthand experience with the impact their donations make.  “I became a Choices donor because I have seen first-hand the direct impact Student Awards can have on our learners.  If a student is facing financial barriers and experiencing high levels of financial stress, it can make focusing on their studies even more challenging,” shares Stacie Baker, a Choices donor since 2006. 

Hana Taleb Imai, a Choices donor since 2009, echoes that sentiment and shares that she was motivated to give to make a small, ongoing impact to a fund of her choice. “I learned that even a small contribution was possible and that the entire amount that I gave went directly to a fund of my choice. I noticed that there were not many awards for learners in access programming.  I felt that a small and consistent donation may have an impact over time for language learners, so I became a donor.”

We know that finances are tight, and challenging times can often lead to tough financial decisions. Our Choices donors remain motivated to give because they recognize the significant impact their gifts have. “I believe philanthropy is the bridge between poverty and socioeconomic self-sufficiency, and that education serves the same purpose. Investing in education through a monthly donation enables me to make a consistent contribution and see the real-time benefit for the students,” says Patricia Bailey, a new Choices donor, joining us in 2020 to make an important impact during a challenging year. 

Long-time Choices donor Charles Pankratz recognizes the impact that financial stability has on educational success. “The funding provided through Choices can sometime be the difference that enables them to continue and complete their studies.  They have already invested so much time and money in studying here and it would be a shame for them to not to achieve their goal after all of that.” Charles has been donating to the Choices campaign since 1997, a true testament to the commitment of our employees to student success.

Our Choices donors are not only dedicated to our students, but they love their jobs and the philanthropic and supportive environment created by Bow Valley College. Patricia Bailey shares, “I feel a real sense of purpose every day. I know that through my work and my contribution to Choices, I am tangibly supporting our community and building better outcomes through competency-based education programs designed for employment.” People – our staff and our students – continue to be our top motivators. “There is a generosity of spirit that you can feel when you work alongside others who have a common purpose to help learners to improve their skills and reach their destinations.  The work is always rewarding, and the people are the absolute best part of the work,” adds Hana Taleb Imai.

Our Choices donors remain committed to Bow Valley College and to student success, and we want to thank you! As a donor, you make a real impact, and your gift is appreciated. If you have a story to share, we want to hear it! Email Ila Rakhi at to share your story and your reasons for giving!

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