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From India To Bow Valley College: Opening Doors To A New Academic Pathway For Healthcare Students

Bow Valley College is proud to announce it is introducing a new academic pathway in collaboration with Chitkara University in India.

Graduates from any stream within the University’s Faculty of Healthcare now have the option to transfer to Bow Valley College’s Health & Human Services Management (HHSM) post-diploma certificate program. Eligible candidates will receive a letter of acceptance from the College. Students will apply for their study permit and go through four weeks of orientation programming at Chitkara University before arriving in Calgary. 

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is creating uncertainty on many fronts, this pathway ensures international students can continue to achieve their goals. The first cohort in the HHSM Post-Diploma Certificate is expected to start in January 2021, based on the easing of travel and other restrictions in Canada. 

“This partnership is a significant step in providing our international learners with a seamless pathway leading to a unified system of lifelong learning,” says Dr. Misheck Mwaba, Vice-President, Academic at Bow Valley College. “We offer global education with learning outcomes aligned to industry-validated competencies and skills in healthcare,” adds Dr. Mwaba. 

Nursing and healthcare programs in Canada are competitive and highly sought after, with the potential for promising careers upon graduation. An innovative program in its field, HHSM combines elements of business study and managing the Canadian healthcare system. Graduates will gain valuable knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for careers with health or human services agencies, non-profit organizations, private businesses, and government positions. 

“We have a formidable and robust Faculty of Healthcare that spans across programs like nursing, optometry, pharma, and allied healthcare,” says Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-chancellor of Chitkara University. “Canada is a favourable and rewarding choice for healthcare careers, and our partnership with Bow Valley College will help our students realize their dreams of studying and working in Canada while serving humanity.”

This pathway opens doors for students in India looking to gain the skill set and education they will need to meet the stringent regulations and standards of the Canadian healthcare system. With a gap in the supply and demand of foreign-educated healthcare workers in Canada, Bow Valley College offers academic programming to help address the significant need for Canadian educated healthcare professionals. 

“International students are an important part of Bow Valley College’s student body, and this announcement reflects their importance to Canada and our local community,” says Dr. Mwaba. “We continue to shape the future of education and make all learning count through leading practices and partnerships.” 


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