Alumni Ambassadors Share Their Experience During Fall New Students Orientation

As a Bow Valley College alumna, I often reflect on my days as a student. I remember how much I valued the experience and advice of other students and of alumni, which inspires me to pay it forward and find ways of getting involved in the alumni community.

Recently, I had the opportunity to help incoming students during this fall’s New Student Orientation (NSO) by moderating an Alumni Panel. This activity was organized by the Alumni Engagement Office in collaboration with the Learner Success Services team at Bow Valley College.

Our special panel featured both Bow Valley College’ alumni and current students:
Christopher Kemp, Alumnus, School of Technologies
Chinelo Ezioba, Student, Chiu School of Business
Nusrat Jewan, Student, School of Global Access
Precious Grabone, Student, Open Studies

During the panel, we were able to share our experiences and provide advice to new students in a virtual format. As a former student myself, I can appreciate how important this advice is. It seems especially important during the uncertain times we are currently experiencing. Some of the questions asked by students included:

“How do I balance work, family life, and online school all at the same time? What are some tips and strategies for managing distractions while learning from home?” “Is Bow Valley College a welcoming place for International students? What advice do you have for adjusting to life in Canada?”

The panelists did a great job by sharing their personal experiences and giving helpful advice on these and other questions.

Giving back to the Bow Valley College community by sharing our experiences with new students is so important to me. It also feels particularly relevant in these turbulent times when I’m not able to volunteer in my community in the ways that I am used to. I’m very appreciative that Bow Valley College can facilitate a safe, virtual way to feel connected to my community, and I feel positively about how the NSO can benefit new students. It’s also lots of fun, and I like being able to meet and interact with other alumni! 

As you can see, your advice and experiences can help provide valuable and enriching information for students navigating the college experience, which will also enrich your own life! 

Are you looking for ways to give back and support Bow Valley College students? Would you like to be an alumni ambassador, volunteer, mentor, supporter? Please send us an email at, and we will share more details about the opportunities to engage.

I hope to connect with you at another Bow Valley College event soon!

Jillian Davies, 
Alumna, Chiu School of Business
Bow Valley College 

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