3 Things To Help Navigate Your Future Post-Pandemic

Connect, Prepare and Persist… and you will grow!

Thoughts of a fellow Bow Valley College alumna, Ana De Leon (Business Administration Diploma ‘16).

This past February, I was honoured to be part of Bow Valley College’s Winter Convocation 2020. This event is such a special celebration of Bow Valley College graduates. As the world settles into this pandemic, events are being cancelled, and we’re all asked to stay at home, I have even more gratitude that I was able to participate in this past winter’s convocation ceremony. As a Bow Valley College alumna, I was thrilled to attend, and welcome graduates to our alumni community with their alumni pin.

Convocation symbolizes the extraordinary accomplishments of every Bow Valley College student, but it also symbolizes the right of passage from student to alumni, learner to mentor. Being there brought back memories of comradeship within the BVC community, including my own deep appreciation for Bow Valley College staff, my instructors, and my peers. This community continues to enrich my life, and so I was inspired to give back in this meaningful way. On behalf of the entire Bow Valley College community, congratulations on your accomplishment. We celebrate your success with you, and we cannot wait to hear about your future successes too!

After speaking to so many new grads at convocation, I realized there’s some information that isn’t necessarily taught in the classroom but is certainly passed along through our Bow Valley College network. My advice can be summarized in three words: Connect, Prepare, and Persist. 

1. Build Connections in the Community

More than ever, it is important to build long-lasting relationships in the community and expand your network. Making new connections will help you understand your career options, and it may open doors for you. One way to connect with others while also giving back to the community is to volunteer for a cause you care about. There, you can meet new people, contribute to something meaningful, and gain experience that you can add to your resume. 

2. Prepare for Your Future

No one’s sure what our future holds right now, but it is important to stay informed and stay nimble. Consider how your career path might look differently post-pandemic, and research all available options to you. For international students particularly, I recommend you research the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and what your options are for permanent residency. Consider each program’s criteria, requirements, and cost. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel planning your future.

3. Be Persistent and Authentic

It may take time to land your “dream job” – particularly now. Yet, life is a journey in which we are always learning and discovering new things about ourselves. When applying for jobs, think about what your skills are, what you would like to learn and reflect on your core values. Keep putting yourself out there, stay positive, and avoid self-doubt and negative thoughts. (Try not to let negatively hijack your confidence!)

The world is changing, and we do not yet know what our new normal will be. However, I am confident that if together, we continue to prepare for the future, connect with our communities, and persist in an authentic way, we will continue to grow.

To all my fellow graduates of Bow Valley College, I applaud your talent, skill and drive that will continue to enrichen our community. The future looks bright because of you!

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