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Bow Valley College gets you online with Student Health 101.

At Bow Valley College, there are lots of resources on campus to help you lead a healthy lifestyle, like Imagine Health Centre, counselling, and our multi-faith space. But what if you’re an online learner who only comes to campus once in a while, or you study at one of our regional campuses? 

Now, there’s a place where all students can stay informed on health and wellness, regardless of where or how you’re learning. It’s called Student Health 101. 

Student Health 101 is a health and wellness platform for college and university students across Canada. It features a variety of content, including articles about sleep, nutrition, and stress management. Now that the College is involved, it means you’ll get content best suited to you – the Bow Valley College student. 

Even if you’re an in-class learner at our Calgary Downtown Campus, you can benefit from Student Health 101, as you might not have the time to take advantage of our wellness resources. “Our population is so transient,” says Christie Mellan, mental health outreach liaison at the College. “How do we make sure that students are getting this information if they're not going to be at the College and participating in events, or have the time to come to presentations?”

Christie adds that in general, a lot of people aren’t getting the health and wellness information that they need. “There’s still lots of misconception about mental health,” she says, as an example.

The College has joined the Student Health 101 community after the province announced this past June, it will provide grants to mental health services in all post-secondary schools. After this announcement, a lot of colleges and universities started sharing health resources with each other. Student Health 101 is one example of how they’re doing that.   

Check out Student Health 101 here.

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