Kylie Woods


How Kylie Woods is leading Calgary's female tech tribe

The Chic Geek founder and executive director talks the power of introverts and women in tech.

What Kylie Woods once thought was her weakness turned out to be her superpower. “I’m an introvert,” she says. “For a long time, I thought that made me shy, quiet, unnoticeable, and forgettable. [But] I have learned that because I am an introvert, I'm a great listener, I ask thoughtful questions, and I build deep relationships with the people around me,” says the 28-year-old founder and executive director of Chic Geek

In fact, Kylie credits her introversion with helping her build the relationships that have led Chic Geek to thrive. Chic Geek is a non-for-profit organization for women in technology and entrepreneurship. Kylie started Chic Geek in 2013 after noticing she was often the only woman in the room at the computer programming meet-ups she had been attending. 

Kylie, who has a degree in communications, is a graphic and web designer in addition to leading Chic Geek. Though she was attending those tech meet-ups to learn software development skills, her focus shifted to fostering a community where women could explore career opportunities in technology. Within that community, she points to a few local women in tech that she champions: 

Tomorrow and Saturday, Chic Geek hosts the Geeky Summit, a celebration of women in technology in Alberta. Saturday’s portion takes place at Bow Valley College, with the School of Creative Technologies presenting “Digitally Design Yourself,” a workshop on using code to build your presence online. 

And if a career in a creative field like software development or digital design is for you, check out our School of Creative Technologies

Posted on November 15, 2018

Story by Julie-Anne Cleyn, photos provided by Chic Geek

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