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Bow Valley College mourns the death of a former Board of Governors member and donor

Bow Valley College is saddened to learn of the passing of former Board of Governors member and champion of the College, William Kaufmann.

Mr. Kaufmann served as a board member for six years, from 2002 to 2008. During his tenure, he sat on the construction committee, which was instrumental in acquiring and renovating Bow Valley College’s North Campus. That growth period also saw the College's expansion with the addition of the South Campus.   

In a recent interview with Bow Valley College, Mr. Kaufmann expressed an affinity for students taking high school upgrading. He witnessed the transformational results of those seeking a second chance at completing their studies. He marvelled at the commitment of many to continue their academic journey, leading to prosperous employment opportunities.  

He lauded the College’s role in providing newcomers with the language and upgrading skills needed to seek employment and enhance the value of their experience in their new home country. 

Bow Valley College’s mission to remove all barriers, provide opportunity, and make all learning count resonated with Mr. Kaufmann. 

“I found the atmosphere of Bow Valley College to be more personal and empathetic to the students’ needs. It was like a family atmosphere,” said Mr. Kaufmann. 

As his time on the Board of Governors wound down, he felt compelled to give back to the College. Thanks to his generosity and that of his wife, Gloria Kaufmann, more than a dozen students have received bursaries in Foundational Learning/academic upgrading and Practical Nursing.  

“Bow Valley College is a leading community access college because of the leadership and vision of remarkable minds such as William Kaufmann,” says Dr. Misheck Mwaba, President and CEO of Bow Valley College. “He helped guide the evolution of the College from its humble roots to our contemporary offerings in health and technology.”   

William and Gloria Kaufmann’s treasured commitment and philanthropy were honoured with a 2020 Sharon Carry Community Leadership Award at Bow Valley College’s Celebrating Student Futures ceremony. 

“William Kaufmann’s legacy includes a lifetime of dedication to post-secondary education and other worthy causes in his beloved city,” says Shannon Bowen-Smed, Chair of the Bow Valley College Board of Governors. “His kindness changed the lives of many exceptional Bow Valley College students – something he called a privilege.”  

Bow Valley College sends its deepest sympathies to Gloria and the rest of the Kaufmann family.

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