Sep 16, 2021


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COVID-19 update effective September 16

Yesterday, the Government of Alberta announced a state of emergency for the province. The full details from the Government of Alberta can be found here. Since that announcement, the College has made several decisions.

Campus closures

Due to the public state of emergency and updated restrictions in the province of Alberta, Bow Valley College campuses will temporarily close Friday, September 17, 2021. Online classes will continue uninterrupted. More information about ongoing classes will be provided in the coming days.

We ask anyone on campus today to physically distance (keep 2m apart). Students are asked to only remain on campus for scheduled classes.

Course and Service delivery during the week of September 20-24:

  • Effective September 20 – 24 all classes that can move online will do so to allow for physical distancing for classes that are unable to move online.
  • Learner Success Services and the Office of the Registrar will remain open but all appointments will be virtual until September 27.
  • The Library will remain open with physical distancing in place.
  • Planned in-person workshops, meetings and internal events (event is defined as a pre-planned gathering of individuals for a dedicated purpose) that can maintain physical distancing can continue for employees approved to be on campus.
  • Students who need to access printers for their vaccine records or attend the walk-in vaccine clinic on September 22 can do so.
  • On-campus food services are temporarily closed effective September 17 until September 27.
  • Current practicums will continue until further notice.

Proof of vaccination September 27-October 21:

Bow Valley College plans on implementing a Restrictions Exemption Program, which will require proof of vaccination or negative rapid test results. This program will be in place effective September 27, to allow students and employees to continue to access campus.

Anyone accessing campus between September 27 and October 21 will require one of the following:

  • Proof of vaccination from a Health Canada-approved vaccine either on the AHS MyHealthRecords app or paper version. This must be shown at the door along with employee or student ID, or
  • A negative test result completed within 72 hours. Rapid testing will be available on campus from September 27 to October 21.

Accessing Vaccine Records

Starting September 19, Albertans will be able to print or screenshot their vaccine record through MyHealth Records. Students and employees are encouraged to access their vaccine record before September 27 in order to prevent any disruption to campus access.

Paper immunization records received at vaccination appointments will be accepted. If you lost or require another paper copy, you can print one from MyHealth Records or request a copy through your immunization provider:

  • Pharmacy or physician's office – contact the location you received your vaccination
  • AHS Clinic – call 811 to request a copy of your record mailed to you

In addition to our campus closures, the Government of Alberta announced several increased restrictions; we encourage employees and students to read and familiarize themselves with them.

These are challenging times – students are encouraged to reach out to with any questions.

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