Jun 23, 2016


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New Security Measures at Bow Valley College

The College will be implementing new security procedures within the next few months to ensure the wellbeing of our learners and employees

CALGARY - We will be implementing new security measures within the next few months to ensure the wellbeing of our learners, and employees. Some of the new security procedures will impact your daily routines, so please take the ime to review the information below. 

Access to the North and South campuse entrances has been limited by locking the doors below; however, they will always be accessible for exit.

  • South Campus: 3rd Street doors (located by Bookstore).
  • South Campus: 3rd Street SE doors (located by Tim Hortons). 
  • North Campus:  6th Avenue doors (located by the Theatre N124). 
  • North Campus: 5th Avenue North doors. 
  • Locking +15 doors located on the 2nd floor of both campuses at 6:00 p.m. (The +30, located on the 3rd floor will be available until 11:00 p.m.).

During Sundays, statutory holidays and the Christmas holiday closure, we will be locking the downtown campuses, which will be closed to learners and the public. 

We will also be implementing strict ID access card procedures. Learners and employees will be asked to have their ID cards visible on them while they are on campus. BVC employees or Campus Security may ask to see your ID, so please ensure you have it visible, and present it when asked.

In addition, we will be adding security guards in the South and North Campuses. They will be located near the information booth in South Campus, and around the 1st and 2nd floors in North Campus.

Finally, beginning in summer, 2016, all computers in an open area will only be available for learner's to use, so you will require a learner ID to login. 

Everyone has a responsibility in maintaining security on our campus. If you notice anything unusual or concerning, please contact security immediately at 403-410-1713.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with these new security measures.

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