Apr 17, 2014


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Bow Valley College hosts the Alberta Writes 3 Conference

CALGARY - Delegates from post-secondary institutions, the workforce and government gathered at Bow Valley College (BVC) for the Alberta Writes 3 Conference to discuss the implications of the importance of writing.

Alberta Writes 3 is the third in a series of one-day symposia about writing. This year's focus was on students and the role of writing as they transition from academic study to full-time employment.

"Through literacy development, language training, and basic education, learners gain the tools they need to participate in the labour force, add to Alberta's productivity, and promote safer workplaces," said Sharon Carry, BVC President and CEO.

Guest speakers from BVC, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, University of Alberta, Alberta Human Services and Enmax Energy facilitated the day's dialogue. Following the topic introductions, delegates participated in a fully dimensional dialogue that fostered innovative approaches and solutions with which to engage: other partners, essential skills practitioners, community agencies, and industry and employees.

"In many ways, this symposium points the way forward. More and more, we're facing complex and vital challenges that cannot be effectively addressed by any single entity or any single sector. What's required are broad partnerships to coordinate joint efforts from government, industry, learning providers, and community agencies," said Carry.

The topic areas that were covered include:

  • What do studies in writing tell us about how students transform their writing skills across diverse contexts?
  • What challenges do employers face in developing employee's writing skills?
  • What role does government have in supporting the cross-contextual development of writers?
  • How do we support adult students as they move through education and training into the workplace?
  • Implications for your work, and for a networked approach, that addresses the development of writing ability in Alberta.

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Editor's Note: Alberta Writes 3 is the third in a series of one-day symposia (conversations) about writing. The first two symposia, hosted by the University of Alberta and the University of Lethbridge, explored the gaps, barriers and supports students face as they transition from writing in high school to writing in post-secondary contexts.

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