Jun 09, 2010


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Class of Spring 2010 celebrates achievements, future careers

CALGARY - Spring is a time for growth, optimism and opportunity. For more than 425 Bow Valley College (BVC) graduates who filled the Jack Singer Concert Hall on June 9, this couldn’t be truer.

The class of Spring 2010 is one of the largest graduating classes in recent history.


Sharon Carry, President and CEO, congratulated and praised the graduates for their perseverance and achievements.


“I want to thank you on behalf of our staff, faculty and Board. While you’ve been with us, you have each given us so much,” said Carry.  Your courage astounds us. You cannot imagine how much we admire you, and you wouldn’t believe how much we learn from you.”


“We want you to take pride in your accomplishments. This moment is for you.”


Nirmala Naidoo, CBC News Anchor (left), and Anna Kae Todd, Vice-President Learning, in the Founders Room of the Jack Singer Concert Hall shortly before the ceremony.


CBC News Anchor Nirmala Naidoo delivered the keynote address, which encouraged life-long learning, global citizenship and using adversity to motivate positive personal change.


“There will be tough times in your life. Embrace them. Don’t be smothered by them. Take them, put them in your back pocket and use them along your journey,” said Naidoo.


“Congratulations to all of you, you’ve put a lot of hard work into this, and you deserve to be here.”


Attending his last graduation ceremony as Chair of the BVC Board of Governors, Scott Thon assured graduates, who may not have been able to reap the full rewards of learning in the newly renovated North Campus, that they will still benefit in the long term as the College expands.


“As this College grows, it’s distinction will grow and the fact that you’re a BVC graduate will mean more and more in the future because of the expansion we’re going through over the next couple of years,” says Thon.


“The credential you get today will continue to grow in importance. Coming from the business community, many employers know the value of a BVC graduate. You’re work-ready on Day 1.”


Representing their classmates and departments, valedictorians Oksana Morris, Business, Michele Serpanchy, Health and Community Care, and Frozan Liaqat, Academic Foundations delivered their valedictorian addresses at the ceremony.


From left to right, Frozan Liaqat, Adult High School Upgrading graduate, Michele Serpanchy, Early Learning and Child Care Diploma graduate, Sharon Carry, President and CEO, BVC, and Oksana Morris, Business Administration Diploma.


For the first time in the College’s history, the entire graduation ceremony was webcast live for staff, students and graduates’ families who could not be in attendance.


To view the graduation ceremony, keynote and valedictorian addresses, and speeches by Scott Thon and Sharon Carry, click here.

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