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Introducing the Bow Valley College Strategic Plan

Thank you to our Board of Governors, faculty, staff, learners, alumni, donors, and community partners for your contribution to our new strategic plan. As we begin our next chapter, we will open doors and open minds, and make all learning count by challenging our thinking, removing barriers and providing opportunity. 



Vision Mission Values 


Bow Valley College Strategic Plan - Universe

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Strategic Outcomes


Learners achieve their goals and/or get the jobs they aim for in a field related to their studies.
Partners and investors seek out relationships with us to support our mutual interests.
The communities we serve are enriched through the efforts of our employees and learners.
 Campus Alberta
We are an acknowledged leader and innovator within Campus Alberta.
Employers see us as the go-to resource for their labour force needs.






Ensure Effective Governance
Governance is a key element of our success that applies to the
vital role played by the Board of Governors and the leadership
of the organization in order that we successfully navigate our
environment and make the decisions that are required to move
forward and achieve our Vision and Mission.
Enhance Learner Culture
All that we do is informed and inspired by our
goal to provide our learners what they need
to be successful.
Create Productive

We know that we cannot
achieve success alone.
We rely and engage with
our partners and our
communities to play a role
in supporting our Vision
and Mission.
Invest in Our People
We support our employees and volunteers in their efforts by
providing an environment conducive to success and within a
culture that enables everyone to contribute to their fullest.
Deliver Robust Financial Performance
We require resources to do our work while we
acknowledge the responsibility of maintaining
a broad accountability to our stakeholders
for the way in which we manage and deploy
those resources.






Shape the Future of College Education
We are a leader in evolving how a college education is delivered, and in turn, influencing the
overall direction of college education in Alberta and beyond.

Provide Community and Social Success
Our efforts support our learners to achieve their goals wherever that may be including at home,
in their families, at work, and in their communities.  As a result, we also play a role in supporting
our communities and the economic development of the many sectors that we serve.

Ensure Employment Success
As a comprehensive community college, our primary focus is supporting our learners to find
employment success in the field of their choice or support their efforts to launch their own
entrepreneurial initiatives. This will provide value to our industry and sector partners by meeting
their workforce needs and drive economic development in our communities.




Deliver Transformational Learning
Education transforms people and their lives and we support this process by transforming how learning is provided

Make All Learning Count
We share relevant content in engaging ways for our learners and are a leader in supporting educational access, success,
and recognized accreditation. We assess and validate all learning, however it was acquired.

Challenge Our Thinking
We are open to new ideas and approaches in our work.

Improve the Educational Experience
We continually work to improve all aspects of the educational experience for our learners. This includes contributions
from teams across the College, both inside and outside the classroom.

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