Victoria Craig


With the Finish Line in View, Donor Support Got Them There

Giving birth to her son Jace made Victoria Craigie realize she needed to stake out a future for her young family.

With just her high school diploma, the single mom from High River found herself at Bow Valley College, in the Justice Studies program focusing on helping troubled youth.

“I knew I needed to do better for my son,” she says.

Craigie managed to secure the student loans she needed to pursue her schooling, but soaring costs on rent, bills and the daily commute to Calgary took a toll on her finances.

“I’m a single mom and my expenses were a lot more than the typical student,” she says.

“I was spending $400 a month on gas alone.”

With just weeks to go before she was set to complete her course in 2016, the money was gone.

“I had no money left … I would have had to quit,” she recalls.

But just as her financial challenges were at their peak, Craigie learned she would receive a boost from the Finish Line Fund.

“It was fantastic – I wouldn’t have been able to complete my last three weeks including my final if it wasn’t for that,” Craigie says.

“I would really like to say thank to the donors – they don’t have to do that.

“Without that help, a lot of people like me wouldn’t be able to finish their schooling.”

Now 25, and set to wrap up her career at Bow Valley, Craigie wants to continue her education by pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies at Lethbridge College.

But she knows without the donor supported Finish Line Fund, her future would have been on thin ice.

“I’m just so grateful for the support – it was there when I really needed it,” Craigie says.

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