Sights set Higher Thanks to Donor Support

Lindsay Goodbrand always thought she would wind up in the health care industry as a nurse.

But the idea of dealing with blood on a daily basis wasn't the right fit for the born and raised Calgarian – so she plotted a new course.

Working at Home Depot to help pay for her education, she discovered another avenue to help people in a different way, which led her to Bow Valley College with an eye on Human Resources.

“I choose Bow Valley because a two-year diploma program was more time convenient than locking myself in a four-year degree at a university,” she says.

“Another reason why I choose Bow Valley was the option to continue on to a degree program at multiple different universities that accepted the two years at Bow Valley for full credits.”

Goodbrand says her selection for the Lou MacEachern Award was not only a financial boost, but an affirmation of her educational goals.

“Winning the Lou MacEachern award wasn’t just financial aid, but it was encouragement to continue on and complete a post-diploma management degree at the University of Lethbridge,” she says.

“Winning an award is more than just about getting money. It was assurance that I am doing something I was meant to do.”

The 22-year-old is on track to complete her post-diploma degree at the University of Lethbridge in 2018, after which she plans to obtain her professional designation in HR and complete an MBA at the University of Alberta.

But Goodbrand acknowledges she couldn’t have done it alone.

“I want to thank my donor for all his hard work and choosing to invest some of it in the lives and education of students,” she says.


“He can be confident that this is one of the greatest investments to benefit society. The generosity and support from BVC donors is another push of encouragement to achieve a successful career.”

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