Sandra Thompson


Lifelong Dedication

From alumna to repeat practicum host, to advisory committee member, to employer, to active volunteer and to donor - Sandra's devotion to Bow Valley College runs deep.

“I have been involved with Bow Valley College since I was a student in the Office Careers Program (now Administrative Professional Certificate Program) in 1998.  I was impressed with the quality and relevance of the training, the immense support from the faculty and staff, and how well the program prepared me for what was required in the workplace.  As a result, I have always hosted BVC practicum students whenever my workplace allowed this practice.  

Practicum students from BVC are not trainees.  They come into our offices ready to work, with the skills and ability to perform the tasks required to meet our administrative needs.  They usually require equal, or less, amount of training as any experienced professional new hires.

While attending my program at BVC, I was fortunate to receive two scholarships, which was a big financial help.  That support, along with the guidance from faculty and staff, and the career opportunities I’ve had as a result of my training and college experience, inspired me to give back to the college and its learners. I am motivated to continue sharing my time with BVC and its learners because BVC cares about the total wellbeing of the learners.  Each learner is treated as an individual, not a number, and the college designs programs to equip and support learners in all aspects of their lives.  As long as there is a need to support BVC and its learners, and I have the capacity to assist, I will always be involved in some capacity with this institution.”

Sandra Thompson, Programs Coordinator, Consulting and Training Services – MNP LLP

1998 Administrative Professional Certificate (APC) graduate

APC Advisory Committee member, donor, employer and practicum student host

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