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Full-time student and father excels by managing time, working hard

For Franco Tabat, Fathers’ Day has special significance.

“Every day I get to spend with my kids to play and be with them, is like Fathers' Day to me,” says the full-time Digital Marketing student, who is also the main caregiver for his two young children.

His wife, Leslie, works fulltime as the primary breadwinner for the family until Franco graduates in June and finds a job in his field. Franco and Leslie moved to Canada from the Philippines to provide a better life for their children.

“We hoped they could get better education and be safer growing up in Canada,” Franco says. Making a better life for your family means a lot of dedication when you work part-time, go to school full-time, and provide the bulk of the childcare, like Franco does.

“Doing what we do and parenting the kids takes a lot of time management,” Franco says. “I have always been a good planner. I make sure all of my school assignments and projects are done so I have time to pick up the kids at school and daycare and to play with them.”

Most important for Franco “is that I am able to provide for them, and to guide them emotionally and spiritually so they can be their best selves and so they can have a carefree childhood with lots of fond memories.”

He enjoys his fun time with Franc, 7; and Samantha Lexi, 3. Right now both the kids are particularly passionate about the game Bayblade, so Franco bought himself a set too. Every night before bedtime, Franco does Bayblade battle with them.

He tries to be a good role model for his kids, reminding them to study hard, so they can excel at school with a 3.97 GPA, like their Dad. “That’s how I try to motivate them,” he says.

He’s proven that he can combine his learning with his entrepreneurial bent. Franco’s determination, talent, and energy helped him to win the 2019 VentureQuest competition for designing an app that allows parents to connect with each other and childcare providers to find affordable day care.

“I got the idea when Leslie and I were looking for daycare,” Franco says. “It was so expensive. I thought that an app could help parents like us connect with affordable daycare providers all over Canada.” The app is now ready for commercialization, which Franco will turn his attention to once he’s landed a job.

His advice to other parents who are going to school: “Remember to take a break and enjoy yourself.”

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