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Together We are Stronger

Cheryl Kinzel and Russ Wilde had a message for the crowd that gathered at Bow Valley College on International Women's Day on March 8, 2017. The words were simple, but the message was clear, "Together we are stronger."

These two program directors at the College feel so strongly about providing opportunities for women struggling to get an education, they took action. They took the initiative to co-host an event in support of the College's 1000 Women Rising campaign. The dynamic pair brought together 80 colleagues and friends to make a difference in the lives of women at the College.

Sharing their personal reasons for supporting women in pursuit of an education, Cheryl and Russ reinforced the campaign's powerful message: when women overcome barriers to success, they can achieve great things.

The 1000 Women Rising campaign provides life-changing support for women held back by financial barriers, child care costs, or academic challenges. None of these things should prevent women from reaching their full potential.
"When women can overcome barriers to success, they can achieve great things." 
When Cheryl told the group that together they are stronger, they proved her right. They truly were stronger together, and flexing their collective strength they raised $7,650. A matching contribution from Mawer Investments doubled that number.

But the group didn't stop there. Tweeting furiously with the hashtags #1KWR and #BeBoldForChange, they helped surpass our social media goal of 100 tweets, and triggered an additional $1,000 contribution from Mawer Investments. By the end of the day, the group brought the grand total to $16,300!

Thank you to Cheryl, Russ, and all the generous supporters who joined them. You can read more about the women this fund helped in this issue.

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