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Hero of Hungry Serves up Financial Boost for 1000 Women Rising

Little do they realize, the guy who helped plan that nutritious between-class snack or lunch may have paid for it as well.

His name is Elric Nielsen, and thanks to the generosity of Sodexo's general manager of food services at Bow Valley College, there's an extra $3,000 available to support female students facing challenges.

Nielsen made the donation to Bow Valley College's 1000 Women Rising campaign after winning a $3,000 grant to a charity of his choice, thanks to his tireless work tackling hunger in Calgary.

"Elric is a strong community leader who has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life of those at risk of hunger in Calgary," says Barry Telford, President of Sodexo Canada.

"His ability to network with community partners to develop innovative hunger fighting initiatives and mentor and inspire volunteerism is extraordinary."

Named a Hero of Everyday Life for his efforts by Sodexo Canada's Stop Hunger Foundation, Nielsen is credited with establishing a multi-year program at Calgary's Drop-In Centre, where Bow Valley College and Sodexo volunteers regularly serve more than 1,000 lunches to the homeless.

As well, Bow Valley College's food guru leads Stop Hunger's Feeding our Future initiative, the city's largest free summer lunch program for at-risk and disadvantaged children. And last year, when 1,400 Syrian refugees arrived in the city, Nielsen teamed with Soup Sisters of Calgary to provide a warm culinary welcome, via 6,000 servings of soup.

The $3,000 grant donated in Nielsen's name to 1000 Women Rising, a campaign helping women pursue their post-secondary education, will help with basic needs and necessities, like rent and food.
"Elric is a strong community leader who has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life of those at risk of hunger in Calgary,"
- Barry Telford, President of Sodexo Canada
Nielsen says the Hero of Everyday Life award is something he shares with the people and partners who help in his culinary quest.

"This award belongs equally to our hundreds of volunteers and community partners who all share a united passion for addressing hunger issues," says Elric.

"In particular, the amazing support provided by students, faculty and staff at Bow Valley College has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for Calgarians at risk of hunger."

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