The College is committed to protecting you from cyber threats. We’re rolling out Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Passwordless Authentication (PWA) to all students to help increase account protection.

The Cyber Security Operations Center strongly recommends that students use the Microsoft Authenticator app (free on iOS and Android) for MFA and PWA, downloadable from your device’s app store.

Only use these instructions if you do not want to use the video instructions on this page.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Setup:

  1. Install the Microsoft Authenticator App from the iOS or Android app store.
    1. Android: App
    2. iOS: App
  2. Go to
  3. Check the Authenticator app or token selection.
    1. Click the ‘Set up Authenticator app’ button.
    2. Follow the steps starting at #2, adding a ‘Work or school account’, and then scanning the image on-screen to complete the configuration.
    3. Click ‘Next’ to complete configuration, then click ‘Finish’.
    4. If prompted to register your device, click ‘Yes’ or ‘Approve’.
    5. You should now see the Authenticator app registered on the screen. Under ‘what’s your preferred option?’, select ‘Notify me through app’.
  4. This will now allow for prompts within the Microsoft Authenticator app to handle any MFA requests. Please note that this app can be used to handle many accounts where you utilize MFA for authentication.

    Passwordless Authentication (PWA)

    Using ‘Tap to Approve’ to allow ‘Phone sign-in'

    1. Open the MS Authenticator App.
    2. Tap on your Work/School account.
    3. Find and choose the ‘Enable phone sign-in' selection.
    4. Review the prompts detailing ‘Device registration’ and ‘Set passcode’ and then tap ‘Continue’.
    5. Type your myBVC password to verify your account and sign-in.
    6. Watch for the ‘Approve sign-in?’ message to pop-up on the screen. Choose ‘Approve’.
    7. Click ‘Continue’, and you will now notice that ‘phone sign-in' is enabled.

    The next time you sign-in to accounts connected with your myBVC account, you must select the option to ‘Use an app instead’ when asked to enter your password. This will trigger the Microsoft Passwordless sign-in.

    Here, you will see a number on the screen that must be matched with a number in the Microsoft Authenticator App as a first factor of authentication to approve your sign-in. A second factor of authentication will now be required on your device such as a fingerprint, face ID, or pin code when authenticating.

    The Passwordless sign-in process will only change how the Microsoft Authentication App notifies you. Instead of presenting a message for you to tap and approve or an SMS number to enter after a password is entered, the App will present a number for you to verify on your phone and computer or laptop.

    The CSOC encourages the use of MFA wherever possible, including on personal accounts.   


    Please contact the Cyber Security Operations Center at

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