Some instructors may have you complete tests or quizzes in D2L Brightspace.

The following video and instructions will explain how you can access and use the quizzes feature.


Quizzes are found in the Assessments drop-down menu.

1. Click Assessments to open the menu.

Assessments Tab highlighted in Bow Valley College D2L page 

2. Click Quizzes.

Quizzes option highlighted in Assessments drop down menu in D2L 

3. You will see a list of quizzes in your course. Click on the name of the quiz you want to take.

List of available quizzes displayed in D2L 

4. You can see the name of the quiz, how the quiz will be scored, and the number of attempts you are allowed and have already completed. Be aware that you may only have one attempt for a quiz!

Information associated with quiz is labelled as 'Name of quiz', 'How quiz will be scored', and 'Number of attempts for quiz' 

5. To take a quiz, click the name of the quiz.

Name of quiz highlighted to indicate where to click to access quiz in D2L 

6. After you click the name of the quiz, you will see a description of the quiz. To start the quiz, click Start Quiz! at the bottom of the page.

Start quiz button highlighted to open and start taking quiz in D2L 

 7. The question status area will be displayed on the left side of your window. This area shows which questions you have answered (saved) and which questions are not answered (not saved).

Fields highlighted in quiz that indicate progression through available questions with checkmarks in quiz in D2L 

Be aware that a checkmark does not indicate a correct answer -- it only indicates that the answer has been saved as part of your progress through a quiz!
Quiz questions highlighted to show that a checkmark does not indicate a correct response but rather that a response has been successfully saved as part of progression through a quiz in D2L
8. Once you have answered all of the questions, click Submit Quiz.

Image highlights the fields of a quiz that show all questions have been answered and saved and the Submit Quiz button at the end of the quiz in D2L 
9. You will be given the option to Submit Quiz or return Back to Questions. This allows you to review your answers again before completing the quiz.

The Submit Quiz and Back to Questions buttons are highlighted to indicate the option to complete the quiz or return to the questions for further review in a D2L quiz.  

Depending on how your instructor has set up the quiz, you may see your final score immediately. Other times, your instructor must mark a quiz before you can view your score. Once your instructor has marked your quiz, the grade will be added to the Grades section of the course.
Confirmation of quiz submission screen with Done button highlighted to return to D2L and information about possible score for quiz displayed depending on question type. Long and short answer questions will require instructor to review for quality and take some time for mark to be processed.

What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

This is a secure internet browser for taking quizzes in D2L. It prevents printing, copying, and accessing other webpages and applications during a quiz.

If a D2L quiz requires that Respondus LockDown Browser be used, you will not be able to take the quiz with a standard web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
For students using a Chromebook, there is a Chrome extension available for download that can be added to enable use of Respondus LockDown Browser. You must turn off the Popup Blocker in Chrome in order for it to work. Complete the installation steps below:

  1. Log into the Chromebook and start the Chrome browser
  2. Allow pop-ups for BVC. Go to “Settings” > “Privacy and Security” > “Site Settings” > “Pop ups and redirects”. Move the toggle switch to the right to allow pop ups.
  3. Login to your BVC account at https://d2l.bowvalleycollege.ca.
  4. Open the course then click the Assessments menu on the navigation bar, and select Quizzes.
  5. Click the title of the quiz that requires LockDown Browser.
  6. Click the link for downloading and installing LockDown Browser.
  7. The link will redirect you to the Chrome web store where you will select “Add to Chrome” to install the LockDown Browser Extension.
  8. Once the extension is installed, you may take your quiz.

The following video and instructions will explain how you can download, install, and use Respondus LockDown Browser.

If you would like to practice taking a quiz with Respondus LockDown Browser, please check out the Quizzes section in the AC101 D2L Brightspace course that is available for all registered BVC students.


Installing Respondus LockDown Browser

If you are taking a quiz off campus, you will need to install the Respondus LockDown Browser software on your device. To install the browser follow the steps below.

Please note that Respondus LockDown Browser is available on Windows laptops, Mac laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. It will not work on a phone or Android tablet.

1. Log into D2L and select the course the quiz is located in.

2. Click  Assessments.

3. Click Quizzes.

4. Click the name of the quiz.

5. As shown below, a warning message will indicate that Respondus LockDown Browser is required for the quiz.

6. Click Download Respondus LockDown Browser.

7. Click Install Now.

8. Save and Run the file that downloads to your computer.

You do not need to install Respondus LockDown Browser each time. If you have already installed Respondus LockDown Browser and want to take a quiz, click Launch LockDown Browser instead of Download and install the latest version of LockDown Browser.


What is Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Monitor uses both Respondus LockDown Browser and your webcam to prevent printing, copying, and accessing other webpages and applications during a quiz. The webcam ensures that you are the correct person taking the test, that notes are not used, and that no one else is in the room. It is designed to prevent cheating during your quizzes and exams.

The following video will give you an overview of what Respondus Monitor is, why it is used, and show you what a quiz that uses it looks like.

If you would like to practice taking a quiz with Respondus Monitor, please check out the Quizzes section in the LSS101 D2L Brightspace course.

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