D2L Mail

The D2L Mail feature allows you to send and receive messages from your instructor and students who are registered in the same classes.

Your D2L Mail is different from your MyBVC e-mail. It only allows you to send and receive messages to people INSIDE of D2L.

1. To find the Mail feature, click the Message Alert (envelope) icon at the top of the screen on the mini bar.

The envelope icon to access D2L email messaging is highlighted 

2. On the box that appears, click Email.
Email icon to indicate where to click to access messaging service in D2L

The easiest method to send someone a message in D2L is through the Classlist feature.

1. To access the Classlist feature, you must first select the course of the person that you wish to send your message to.

 Name of course highlighted in dropdown menu in D2L

Note: The D2L message system is a closed system. That means that you can only send messages to your classmates and instructors. You are not able to send or receive messages from an external e-mail such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo. The D2L message system is NOT the same as your student @mybvc.ca e-mail.

2. After you have selected the course, click the Communication tab on the navigation bar, below the name of your course.

 Communication tab highlighted in course in D2L

3. From the Communication drop-down menu, click Classlist

 Classlist option highlighted in Communication tab dropdown in D2L

4. You will now see a list of everyone (classmates and instructor) who is in that class with you. To send a message to someone, simply click on their name.

 Student name highlighted as selection for messaging in classlist feature in Communications tab in D2L

5. Once you click on the person's name, a Compose New Message window will appear. You can type your message and then click Send at the top or bottom of the window. The window will automatically close after clicking Send.

Compose Message window with Send buttons highlighted in D2L messaging system 

To read a message that has been sent to you in D2L, you will need to open the Email tool.

1. Click the Message Alert (envelope) icon located at the top right of your D2L page on the Minibar.

The envelope icon to access D2L email messaging is highlighted 

2. On the Message Alert menu, click Email.

Email icon to indicate where to click to access messaging service in D2L 

3. To open and read your message, click on your Inbox.

Inbox selection highlighted in D2L messaging 

4. Once you have opened your Inbox, click on the subject of the email you want to read. A new window will open to display the contents of the message.

Subject line of D2L message highlighted in inbox 

5. When you are finished, click the 'X' to close the message window.

Message popup for D2L messaging with X icon in top right of window highlighted

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