What are D2L groups?

Instructors can organize learners into groups in D2L for discussion assignments and dropbox assignments.

Learners in a course would be split into a smaller group within the D2L class and can use this to organize files for group projects and to communicate with group members quickly using D2L mail or private group discussion boards. Learners can belong to multiple groups within the same course.

Please note that not all instructors use D2L groups.

D2L groups will be found under the Communication menu within the course.

First, click on the Select a course button.

Click on the course that you would like to view the group of.

Next click on the Communication tab.

Click Groups under the communication drop down button.

The group you are assigned to will show up here and you can access the group discussions, feedback on group assignments, and send emails to your group.

The dropbox shows both individual and group assignments. If it is a group assignment, the name will start with Group and there will be a picture of people next to the assignment name.

Submitting a group assignment follows the same steps as an individual assignment. Any member of the group will be able to hand in the assignment files to the dropbox.

For help submitting an assignment click on the following link: D2L Assignments and Dropbox

Click on Groups under the Communication menu.

Click on the picture of mail for the group you want to email.

Group member names will automatically be put in the To: field.

Type your Subject and Message as normal. Then click Send.

Click on Groups under the Communication menu.

Click on the topic under the Discussion heading for your group.

Often group discussions are restricted so only group members and the instructor can see the discussion postings. You will know if it says Group/section restrictions at the top of the discussion.

Complete the discussion as normal.

For help posting in a discussion click on the following link: D2L Discussion  

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