The ePortfolio feature allows you to upload files to D2L Brightspace as part of a personal portfolio tool for files that can be kept for personal reflection, shared with your colleagues, submitted via the dropbox, or combined into a presentation. Unlike your courses, the files uploaded to ePortfolio will follow you, even after you graduate. This requires you to create an edudentity account and move your ePortfolio over to myDesire2Learn. More information on completing this process can be found here.
The following videos are helpful guides for using ePortfolio:
Navigate ePortfolio
Create an Artifact
Create and add items to a collection

For more information about the ePortfolio tool, or for help using it, please click here.

Artifacts: Artifacts make up the content of an ePortfolio. Students can use artifacts to demonstrate learning in courses, show progression throughout a semester, and make connections between different subjects. These are items like files, documents, audio/visual files, reflections or web links.
Reflections: Students will use reflections to give details about items in an ePortfolio, provide thoughts about topics of interest, create goals, and think critically about learning.
Presentations: Presentations are a way to gather ePortfolio artifacts and reflections in a way that is easy to view. Presentations allow students to showcase their learning and accomplishments in a way that looks highly professional and is easy to navigate.  
Collections: Collections are groups of artifacts, reflections and presentations. Students can include all of the work from a specific class or subject area (assignments, group presentations, etc) in a single collection. Items can be part of more than one collection at the same time.
Tags: Using tags is a great method of categorizing artifacts, collections and presentations. Tags make it easy to search for specific items. Because there is no folder system in ePortfolio, the use of tags to identify items helps to keep artifacts organized.  

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