Keep up with your courses using the Brightspace Pulse app. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, the app gives you access to your courses within a D2L Brightspace mobile experience. Stay connected with your learning and complete tasks while on the go!

The Brightspace Pulse app allows students to view important deadlines, check grades, and review course content. The app is optimized to display clearly on any size screen, reducing the need to pinch, zoom, and squint. The main features of the app include the ability to:

  • View upcoming items that are due
  • See a graphical view of workload for the week
  • View Notifications and Announcements
  • View Content and Grades
  • View and reply to Discussions

Please note: The Brightspace Pulse app is not a replacement for accessing courses on a computer. Students are advised to view content and complete course assessments via a web browser, ideally on a laptop or desktop computer.

Brightspace Pulse is available for free download from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Setting up the Pulse App

1) From your device, tap the Brightspace Pulse icon.

2) Proceed to the next step by tapping Next.

3) Tap Pick Your School.

4) Enter your credentials [ email and password] and then tap Log In.

How to Log-out

1) Tap the Bow Valley College logo in the top left corner of your screen.

2) Tap Settings.

3) Tap Sign Out of All Accounts.

View Your Courses

From the Courses tab, you can view the courses you are currently enrolled in and access course content.
1) Tap the Courses tab at the bottom of the screen. 
This shows the courses you are registered in for the semester.
2) Tap the course you would like to view. The content will be displayed in the Pulse app. It may be organized by Modules, Weeks, or Themes. 
3) From the list of contents, tap the information that you want to look at. A description may appear that will offer important information about the course content.
4) Tap a topic to view in the Pulse app.

View Your Grades

Students can view all received grades from the Grades tab in the specific course you select. 
1) Tap the Courses tab at the bottom of the screen. 
This shows the courses you are registered in for the semester.
2) Tap the course you would like to view.
3) You will see Content and Grade options. Tap Grades.
You will only see grades that have been posted by the instructor - grades that do not yet have a value and final grades will not appear in the Brightspace Pulse app.

Additional Links and Information

Brightspace Pulse for Learners Introduction Video -- Click here
Brightspace Pulse Overview Document -- Click here
Brightspace Pulse: Learner Guide [Click the Attachment Pulse_Learner_Guide.docx to download the document] -- Click here

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