Your instructor may ask you to use the Assignments/Dropbox tool to submit your assignments.

The following videos and instructions will show you how to submit your assignments and view feedback using the Assignments/Dropbox tool.



  1. Click Select a course.

2. Select the course that you want to submit your assignment to.

3. Click Assessments.

Assessments Tab highlighted in Bow Valley College D2L page 

4. On the drop-down menu, click Dropbox.

Dropbox Selection highlighted in Bow Valley College D2L page 

5. When you click the Dropbox button, it will take you to a screen that will list all of the available assignments for the course. Click on the assignment that you want to submit.

Assignment Name in Dropbox Highlighted 

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add a File to attach your assignment.

Add a file button highlighted 

7. Your assignment will often be saved on the computer you are using. Click My Computer.

My computer field highlighted in Add a File menu options 

8. Click the Upload button to open a new window that displays the files saved to your computer or USB drive.
Upload button highlighted to add a file in D2L dropbox for course
9. The add a file window will appear, click the name of the assignment file from your computer or USB stick and click Open.

Open button highlighted to add file in D2L dropbox 

10. Once you have uploaded your assignment file, click Add.

 Add button highlighted to add file in D2L dropbox

11. After you have clicked on Add, you will be brought back to your assignment page. Your file will now be attached.

12. You can now click Submit, located at the bottom, left-hand side of the window. Your assignment file will now be sent to your instructor.

Submit button highlighted to complete Dropbox submission in D2L 


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