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Are you a Bow Valley College student who needs help with computers or technology?

If you need help with computers or using technology for school, you can make an appointment with the the Learner Technology Advisor. The Learner Technology Advisor can provide software training, answer technology/computer questions, help with video creation and editing, provide 3D modelling and printing help, and more.

To book an appointment with a Learner Technology Advisor click here 

Note: Bow Valley College is unable to fix student computers. If your computer is broken or slow, please take it to a computer repair store.


The following video and handout will show you how to download the free version of MS Office 365 that Bow Valley College provides students.

*The license will expire when you are no longer enrolled at Bow Valley College

How to download Microsoft Office 365

Uploading Video Assignments to YouTube

During your studies at Bow Valley College, you may be asked to create a video assignment. Video assignments can be difficult to submit to your instructor, as they are often large files.

The following video will show you how you can upload a video assignment to a YouTube account and share it with your instructor.

These tutorials and exercises will provide you with a better understanding of how to use the keyboard and mouse. It will also introduce you to the basics parts of the computer and the internet.

How to use the keyboard and mouse
If you are new to computers start with this exercise.

A guide to using your computer
Get to know your computer, keyboard, and other computer basics.

Understanding what each key means on a keyboard
This will help you understand what each key means on the keyboard.

Using your mouse to create a jigsaw puzzle
Create a puzzle by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces with your mouse.

Learn more about the internet
This is a free course where you will learn more about the internet, getting connected, searching, sharing, and much more! There are six different lessons that will provide you with a better understanding of how to use the internet.

Computer terms
Need a quick explanation of a computer term? This website will help you learn the different terms that are related to computers.

Learn how to type

Click on the tutorials below to learn how to place your fingers on a keyboard, how to improve your typing, and what the keys on a keyboard mean.

Overview of the keyboard

Which fingers go where

Tips on how to improve typing

Understanding the keyboard with lessons



Where do I find the Virtual Clinical Excursions?

You will find the Virtual Clinical Excursions in your D2L, in the Content of the courses they are used in. (Adult Health Assessment, Nursing Foundations and Nursing Arts for example).

First, click on the course name under My Courses (in this example, the course is Adult Health Assessment; remember, Virtual Clinical Excursions are used for Nursing Foundations and Nursing Arts as well).


Next, click Content


 In the Table of Contents click on Virtual Clinical Excursions, then click the first Virtual Clinical Excursions resource in the list. 


How do I register?

Click on the first Virtual Clinical Excursions content, which has the purple arrow next to it. 


If this is your first time using Virtual Clinical Excursions, sign up for an account in the space available and click Register.




How do I log in?
Once you have registered, you can log into Virtual Clinical Resources. Once you have logged in inside your D2L course, you will be remembered in that course.

Return to the Virtual Clinical Excursion in your course Content and click on any resource there.

Sign in under Already have an account? by entering the username and password you created when you registered. Click Login


Lastly, you will need to redeem your access code. This came with your textbook purchase for the course. Find the code that came with your textbook and enter it. 


You are now ready to use your Virtual Clinical Excursion resources.

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