Vinna Vuong


December Volunteer of the Month

Volunteering counts!

Vinna Vuong, a student in the Education Assistant program at Bow Valley College, has been selected as the LEAD Volunteer of the Month for December 2018.

Vinna was inspired to attend the Educational Assistant program while working in Calgary elementary schools as a Lunch Supervisor. It was seeing the need to support learning and exceptional needs in children that motivated her to return to school full time.

 At the beginning of the 2018 Fall term, Vinna was paired with a Learning Navigator, a staff or faculty member at Bow Valley College.  Learning Navigators help to orient and provide guidance during the first semester of studies for new students. It was Vinna's Learning Navigator, Hilary Krygsman, Student Engagement Officer in the Chiu School of Business that recognized the remarkable level of engagement that Vinna has displayed during her short time on campus. 

Vinna has taken the steps to becoming a stronger and more engaged student by accessing services that support her academic, career and social wellness. She has received writing and research support at the Academic Success Centre and attended Preventing Plagiarism and APA Style Workshops in the RGO Library and Learning Commons. She also found the Ready, Tech, Set, Go workshops offered through the Academic Success Centre to be helpful in all areas of her life. Vinna credits these workshops with helping her get organized, navigate D2L more effectively and to complete tests and assignments with better outcomes. 

Vinna is a volunteer with BVC Cares and the I.C. Crew, and supports campus sustainability with BVC Green.  She's volunteered her time at the Bow Valley College Open House, walked in the Pride Parade with us in September and she even lends a hand to promote up and coming events in the Academic Success Centre. 

Vinna says her favorite Bow Valley College experience so far has been her practicum placement, where she volunteers in an elementary school working directly with exceptional needs students allowing her to apply what she's learned in class.

Congratulations Vinna! We are so fortunate to have you as part of the Bow Valley College Community. 

Do you know someone who has given of their time and become and active student at Bow Valley College? If so, please complete the nomination form below.

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