At Bow Valley College, we want to support a campus of safety and respect. We will all have different comfort levels and boundaries as we return to campus. That is okay. We can support each other by:

  • ASKING questions. 
  • LISTENING to the response.
  • RESPECTING the answer. 

The following are ways you can support a community of care. Each person will have different boundaries when it comes to physical touch. Before hugging or touching someone:

  • Ask permission.
  • Let them respond.
  • Respect their answer.


Everyone will adjust to physical distancing in their own way. Please don’t assume anyone’s comfort level. Everyone’s reasons for distance will be different. When connecting with someone, give options for different contact levels. Include an option to meet in a virtual space. Let them make a choice based on their comfort level.


A person may communicate boundaries in many ways. They might use words. They might communicate with body language. They might say, "yes." They might say, “no." Both answers are okay. It is important to respect a person's choice.

These conversations are ongoing. Everyone can change their mind at any time.


We will all have many feelings about returning to campus. Please reflect on your needs to feel comfortable on campus. Identify your boundaries. Decide how you feel comfortable communicating your boundaries to others.

Together, we can create a campus community of support, care, and respect.

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Learn more about supporting a community of care and the return to campus at the following links:


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