Sleep 101

Most college students know sleep matters. But most assume they have to choose between sleep, school, and social life. Fortunately, that isn’t true. Not only is healthy sleep the number one predictor of academic success in college, but you can use sleep to your advantage to get the most out of college both in and outside of class. Building sleep into your life is not only a way to boost your GPA but can also make you a better athlete and team player; reduce your risk of depression, weight gain, colds, and skin problems; keep you safe on the road; and improve your overall quality of life.

Sleep 101 Online Program Unsure of where to start? Explore the Sleep 101 program! Sleep 101 is a *45-minute, self-guided, online program that provides students a unique opportunity to help establish healthy sleep habits. Using an interactive, innovative educational platform that incorporates videos, animations, and games relevant to college life, students will see how sleep affects health, safety, and academic and athletic performance. Sleep 101 was co-developed by the Brigham & Women’s Hospital’s Sleep Health Institute and Healthy Hours.  

Want to learn how to sleep better? Login to your D2L and search SLP101: Sleep 101 to get started!

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