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Students who have experienced sexual violence

Every reaction to sexual violence is different.  You can decide whether or not to access the resources below. 


For emergencies where there is immediate danger, call 9-1-1.


If help is needed in non-emergencies, Security can be contacted.

Campus Security Desk
1st floor, North Campus
Phone:  403-410-1713

Safe Walk

Anyone can use the Safe Walk program if they do not feel safe.  Security can walk with a student to a location, like a classroom. Security can walk a student to places within 2 blocks of the campus, like a C-train station or a parking lot.

Campus Security Desk
1st floor, North Campus
Phone:  403-410-1713

A student may want to talk to someone about their experience of being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted. This is called a disclosure. A student can tell anyone they trust: a counsellor, a teacher, a friend or a community agency. When a student tells someone at Bow Valley College, they will be offered information, supports, and options.


Sexual Violence Support Liaison

The Sexual Violence Support Liaison can talk to students provide support, and inform about options, on and off campus, such as reporting.  

Learner Success Services – 1st Floor, South Campus
Phone: 587-393-3124

Email: ekordich@bowvalleycollege.ca


Bow Valley College Counsellors

Counsellors can talk with students who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted at any time in their life.

Learner Success Services- 1st Floor, South Campus
Phone:  403-410-1440

Email: counselling@bowvalleycollege.ca
Learn more about counselling

Community Resources

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA)
CCASA gives free and confidential counselling to people who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted.

Phone:  403-237-5888
Toll Free: 1-877-237-5888 (toll-free)

Formal Report – Bow Valley College

A formal report can be made to Bow Valley College when sexual harassment or sexual assault happens.

When a formal report is submitted, the College will take action and investigate.  "Take action" means that the College will talk to other people involved with your permission. Click here for more information about the investigation process.

Reports and identities are confidential. "Confidential" means that this information will only be told to people who need to know.

To make a formal report, a student can either make an appointment to speak with the Learner Conduct Officer, or fill out the Code of Conduct report form and email it to the Learner Conduct Officer. 

Learner Success Services -1st Floor, South Campus

Phone:  403-410-1440
Email: learnerconduct@bowvalleycollege.ca

Police Report

A student can choose to make a report to the police when they have been sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, or witnessed an incident.

Emergencies where there is immediate danger or a suspect is in the area.  Call 9-1-1

For Non-emergency Reports

Within Calgary:  Calgary Police Service: 403-266-1234

Outside Calgary:  A report can be made to the local RCMP office if it is not an emergency.Locate the nearest RCMP Office 

Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team (CSART)

CSART gives physical and emotional care up to 96 hours after a sexual assault.  CSART will check injuries and talk about other choices for support.

CSART - Sheldon Chumir Health Centre
1213 4 St SW
Phone:  403-955-6011
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It is important to get medical help after a sexual assault. Some people don’t want to contact the Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team (CSART). In this case, it is recommended that they get medical attention from a doctor.  

Health Link (8-1-1)

Health Link can help people find a doctor. They can answer many health questions over the phone.
Phone:  8-1-1
View Website

When a student discloses or reports sexual harassment or sexual assault, the College may be able to make relevant and reasonable academic accommodations. This is when the College makes a specific change for one student because of a problem or barrier. It could mean changing a class time or location, test date, or delivery method (e.g. in-class to online).

The College can make reasonable and necessary steps to limit contact between the Complainant and the person who allegedly engaged in the harmful behaviour.

Contact us

Learner Success Services

345 - 6 Avenue SE
South Campus, First Floor


Monday to Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

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