Book a Project Room

The RGO Library and Learning Commons (LLC) has 13 project rooms: 12 on the second floor and one on the first floor. All second floor rooms have TV monitors that can be connected to laptops.

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Computers and Technology

There are 103 computers available for student use on the first and second floors of the library, located in North Campus. Fifty computers are located on the first floor and 53 computers are available on the second floor.

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Print, Copy, and Scan

Printing, photocopying, and scanning services are available at the RGO Library and Learning Commons. The library doesn't provide colour printing or faxing services.

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Join the ESL Conversation Circle

Bow Valley College learners are welcome to join our free conversation circle to practice their speaking and listening skills.

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Request a Conversation Circle Presentation

Complete the form to request an in-class presentation about the library's ESL conversation circle. Please submit this form at least one week in advance of your requested date and time.

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Take a Workshop

You can learn to find and use the library resources and other learning technologies by taking library workshops.

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Request a Tour

Complete the form to request a tour of the Library and Learning Commons (LLC) for a class or group of students. Please submit this form at least one week in advance of your requested date and time.

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Recommend a Resource

The library welcomes your recommendations of library resources. Complete our Recommend a Resource form if you would like to suggest an addition to our library's collections.

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Consult With a Librarian

You can get help finding, accessing, and using library resources by meeting with a librarian.

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Our Policies

The following policies were developed to ensure an enjoyable and productive study environment to all library users.

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RGO Library & Learning Commons
345 6th Avenue SE
North Campus, 1st & 2nd Floor
Calgary, Alberta T2G 4V1

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