The Learner Code of Conduct Policy (500-1-19) exists to ensure that Bow Valley College operates in a way that is safe, fair, and consistent. It helps to protect you as a student of Bow Valley College.

To ensure your safety, we developed a policy that outlines unacceptable behaviours. This includes any behaviours that:

  • Make it difficult for others to study, work, or research at the College
  • Bother or discriminate against a College member
  • Damage College property
  • Are violent and/or threatening
  • A reasonable person would see as inappropriate

Reporting a Learner Code of Conduct Concern

If there is an immediate danger, call 9-1-1 or seek out campus security.

If you believe that someone has violated the policy, please file a Learner Code of Conduct report. The Learner Conduct Officer will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss your concerns and next steps.

The Learner Conduct Officer is responsible for receiving and responding to formal complaints regarding the Learner Code of Conduct Policy and the Sexual Violence Policy.

The Learner Conduct Officer is also available to talk through and help navigate high-conflict situations to help avoid policy violations. There may be times where you might not be sure if a situation falls under the Policy and that’s ok — the Learner Conduct Officer can help you with that.

Contact the Learner Conduct officer at

Sexual Violence Policy

Bow Valley College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive space where College community members feel able to work, learn, and express themselves in an environment free from sexual violence. The Sexual Violence Policy (500-1-19) ensures that the College has a process of investigation that protects the rights of individuals and that individuals who have committed an act of sexual violence are held accountable.

To learn more about the Sexual Violence Policy or to access supports, visit the Sexual Violence Support page.

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