Learner Code of Conduct Policy

The Learner Code of Conduct Policy helps to support the safety and well-being of all members of Bow Valley College. The Policy and its accompanying Procedure ensure that reports are handled in a manner that is consistent and fair. 

This area of the website is intended to be a Learner Code of Conduct resource for all Bow Valley College community members. You will find information on how to report a concern, how the Policy protects you, what will happen if you file or have been named in a report, and some helpful frequently asked questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Learner Code of Conduct Policy helps to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of Bow Valley College. The Policy helps to protect students to ensure their time on campus is safe and enjoyable.

If you believe that a member of Bow Valley College is engaging in behaviour that violates the Code of Conduct Policy, you can:

* If you believe there is an immediate safety risk, please contact security at 403-410-1713.

Sometimes reports will be received that do not fall under the Policy and need to be directed elsewhere. For example, the Learner Code of Conduct Policy does not address academic misconduct. If a report is received that a learner may have plagiarized on an assignment, this would be directed to the learner’s department as it cannot be addressed by the Learner Conduct Officer.

No, the Learner Conduct Officer is responsible for conduct related to students and not Bow Valley College employees. If you have concerns about a Bow Valley College employee, you are encouraged to speak to the employee themselves, the employee’s supervisor, or Human Resources.

Yes. The Sexual Violence Response Advisor is available to provide a safe space to talk, listen, and offer support to those who have experienced sexual violence or know someone who has. The Sexual Violence Response Advisor can also help guide you through your reporting options, what each one means and entails, and can attend meetings with you as a support. 

Not necessarily, but every investigation is unique. Bow Valley College wants to ensure the safety and well-being of others and is dedicated to ensuring a positive environment.

Sanctions are meant to be resolutions to a problem and learning moments. Sanctions can range from written warnings, community service, fines, and in more extreme cases, withdrawal.

Sanctions are outcomes given at the end of a Code of Conduct investigation where a learner is found to have violated the Policy. Sanctions are assigned based on the severity of the Policy violation, what was done in the past in similar situations, and what decision is in the best interest of all of the parties involved.

If you do not agree with the sanctions given, you may be eligible to appeal it through a Learner Appeal Process. The Learner Appeals Policy and the General Learner Appeals Procedure can help guide you through this process.

The Learner Conduct Officer will contact you if they have any follow-up questions and once the investigation is complete. Due to confidentiality, you will not be provided with details of the investigation. However, if sanctions were provided that impact you, you will be notified of this. For example, if the respondent is told to have no contact with you, you would be made aware of this sanction.

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