Entrance Awards

Bow Valley College offers entrance awards to assist learners who are entering a certificate or diploma program at the College for the first time.  Learners will need to apply for these awards in the semester prior to their planned start date. 

To apply for student awards, click the button below.

You are a prospective or incoming student if: 

You are not yet enrolled at Bow Valley College but want to sign-in to view and apply for scholarships.

You are already enrolled, but your program will only start next semester.

You are attending classes now and will transition into a "new" program next semester.



Please contact Student Awards at awards@bowvalleycollege.ca if you need assistance.

 Scholarship Title

Program Start Date:

Applications open May 1st, deadline August 1st

Program Start Date:

Applications open September 1st, deadline December 1st

  Program Start Date:

Applications open January 1st, deadline April 1st

Alberta Blue Cross Entrance Bursary Awarded to an Alberta student who is entering the first year of a two-year Diploma program at Bow Valley College and has had no previous Post-Secondary schooling. Recipient must have had superior academic achievement in high school and currently have financial need. Recipients of this award must not be receiving more than $3,500 in other scholarships, bursaries or awards at the time of application. (D) $1,000  X    
Paul and Gerri Charette Endowed Award This award has been established to support a youth, who is a fulltime student at Bow Valley College. The award celebrates the student’s determination to create a better future for themselves and their family by working diligently towards their educational goals. (D/I) $2,000/semester for first year of Certificate or Diploma Program  X    
The David & Leslie Bissett Entrance Bursary The David & Leslie Bissett Entrance Bursary is open to new first-year Bow Valley College students who are interested in pursuing career training programs that will set them on track to enter the workforce after graduation. Recipients will be selected based on demonstrated financial need, potential for academic success and career planning. The program is open to Calgary high school students entering their first year at Bow Valley College (first preference for All In For Youth HS learners). (D) $2,500/semester of Certificate or Diploma Program   X  X  
Women Pivoting in Technology Entrance Bursary Funded by Alberta’s Women’s Economic Recovery STEM grant, this bursary supports women pursuing careers in the STEM field of technology aiming to reduce financial barriers. (D) $5,000/semester of Certificate or Diploma Program  X  X  
CEA Indigenous Storyteller Entrance Bursary This award supports an Indigenous learner enrolled at Bow Valley College Centre for Entertainment Arts. (D) up to $8,000/semester of 2-year Centre for Entertainment Arts Programs  X  
International Student Entrance Bursary International Student Entrance Bursary Awarded to an International student who is entering a post-secondary career program at Bow Valley College for the very first time. (I) $2,000  X  X  X
CEA Entrance Scholarships Bow Valley College offers International students registered in the Centre for Entertainment Arts 2-year programs a scholarship of $3,250 CAD up to $19,500 CAD. The scholarship is based on Portfolio assessment at the time of application and acceptance to the program and will be applied to tuition evenly at the start of each term in the program. (I) Variable


No application required


No application required


No application required

The TransAlta Women Pivoting in Tech Entrance Bursary  This award was established to help all women entering a Diploma or Post-Diploma Technology-related Program at Bow Valley College. These bursaries are available to help cover tuition costs and help offset program related costs such as technology, childcare, and basic expenses. TransAlta's goal is to ease financial pressures and reassure recipients that they can manage school and meet their education goals. (D)  $10,000  X    

*(D) Domestic - (I) International

**Availability is subject to change. Please check the most recent list of Entrance Awards here four months before your program start date. 


How to apply? 

Log in to the student awards portal and complete your general application. Complete the required follow-up tasks for each award that are listed on your dashboard before the deadline.

How early can I apply for Entrance Awards? 

Students can submit an application for Entrance Awards 4 months prior to their program start date.

I have not been accepted into my career program yet. Can I apply for Entrance Awards? 

Yes, you can submit your scholarship application as soon as applications open in the awards portal. However, if your award application is successful, it will be necessary to meet all eligibility requirements when the award is disbursed, including being registered by the time we give out the award.

Will the award cover all my expenses? 

Your full educational cost (tuition, fees, books, living expenses) will most likely be greater than the amount of the Entrance Award/Bursary. You should not consider an entrance award the only way to finance your education. All recipients of our entrance awards must find other ways to support their education. For other financial aid options, please check our Financial Services page here.  We also offer financial literacy services for students. If you are interested, please book an appointment with our financial coach. You can find more information here.

Entrance Award Deadlines

Program starts in Spring/Summer - applications open January 1st, deadline April 1st

Program starts in Fall - applications open May 1st, deadline August 1st

Program starts in Winter - applications open September 1st, deadline December 1st


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